Monthly Archives: September 2013

Protecting Mortgage

Do you have a job but are worried about job security in the future? Taking out a Mortgage Protection Payment Insurance could give you piece of mind that you need. Also known as Mortgage protection insurance, this policy is designed to pay out if you are struggling to meet mortgage repayments if you become unemployed through sickness or accident.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) is the most common insurance to cover mortgage repayments, and anyone with a mortgage should think carefully about taking one out. Taking out this type of insurance means you won’t have to worry should any unforeseen redundancy or unemployment occur in the future. Continue reading

Software For Risk Manager

Since the advent of risk management as a specialized function in many organizations, software plays a greater role in the operational health and growth of a company. Software have been developed to minimize business risk, as well as identify opportunities where ‘risk taking’ can accelerate growth. They are designed to provide IT organizations with the training, technology and process improvements they need to manage software risk, and view risk as an enabler, not an obstacle to success. Continue reading

Managing Risk For Event Planners

Legal rulings involving event planners and/or their companies should instill in those working in the industry that there is nothing they cannot be held accountable for when it comes to event planning. It is angering that people do not seem to want to take responsibility for their actions, personally or in business. Therefore, the onus in some instances has been moved to the event planner and his/her company. The law has not discriminated. It has targeted event planners who are sole-proprietors and entrepreneurs hoping to make it big to the large corporations that have been successful in the business for years. Continue reading